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Maps in the World of Autonomous Cars

September 13, 2018 by Shubha Naidu0

TomTom is a name synonymous with in-car navigation. Personal Navigation device was pioneered by TomTom Maps and since then the company has expanded into other markets. In Telematics, customers use TomTom products and services to build applications. In Automotive industry, TomTom works with leading OEM’s for both ‘in-dash navigation’ and autonomous driving.

Andy Marchant is the Head of Product Marketing for TomTom Maps.

Earlier, Andy was leading the innovation of “Out of Car” Navigation and IoT for TomTom Maps. Before joining TomTom in 2010, he had been working for Ordnance Survey, Great Britain’s national mapping agency where he was Sector manager for navigation products and services, handling accounts like Tele Atlas, TomTom, Navteq, Google and Microsoft.

Andy tells, “We act as the combined voice of all our product units to the Markets and Customers, we also represent the voice of the Market & the Customer to all our Product Units, making sure they are up to date with market trends, and use cases so as to build the best products at the right time.”

“Our goal is to ensure customers know, understand and buy into our product and service propositions across the breadth of our products and markets.”

TomTom Maps | AA CarTech Conference 2018

Maps play an important role in the world of Autonomous Vehicles and Andy Marchant is joining us at AA CarTech Conference to share all that goes into creating accurate maps.

Delivering a keynote presentation on The Role of Maps and Mapping in Smart Mobility and Autonomous Vehicles, Andy will explain how TomTom Maps collects and maintains large volumes of data. He would also discuss what OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) need to do to benefit from the freshest maps.

In our recent interaction with Andy Marchant, he discloses “I’m inquisitive in nature, I like to challenge established markets. Just because we have always done things in a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s still the best way! I like to see companies that bring new ideas, or variants of existing methods.”

As the Head of product marketing, Andy leads the team of product managers across various offices of TomTom Maps. Along with his team, Andy has worked on urban Maps category, covering Pedestrian, Transit and Indoor content.

Andy tells us, “My background is in mapping and location technology, so maybe a little different to other speakers (at the CarTech Conference). The automotive industry is just one area that we work with, but one of the most exciting. I personally believe in automation and I’m excited to see new use cases that are being developed around self driving and IoT.”

He will explain how TomTom manages massive sizes of data and actually how big is this Big Data! Andy will also take us through the automated vehicles’ need to access latest map data with minimal delay time.

With an increase of electric vehicles on the roads, TomTom as a company has ensured that drivers of electric vehicles are provided with relevant and real-time information. This facility enables the drivers to plan their journeys and make better driving decisions.

When we asked Andy about this thoughts on the future of motoring, he very interestingly said, “We are going through the biggest change in the automotive market in the past 100 years, the introduction of self-driving cars is changing the way we think, and our user habits. Human nature still needs to evolve. It is not natural for us to trust a new technology where we have had the control for many years.”   

Take the opportunity to meet Andy Marchant in Dublin, on 5th October, at AA CarTech Conference.

Check the event schedule and book your tickets during the offer period.

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Shubha Naidu

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